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Green Decowood introduces Decowood Specials

New Delhi, Delhi, April 24, 2012 /India PRwire/ -- Known in the market as an innovator and pioneer in veneer designs, Green Decowood from Greenply industries Ltd. announced an out-of-the-box veneers range christened Decowood Specials. The range has 4 sub categories- Meta Woods, Rotary, Jagged and Ridge Cut which will allow the customer a huge palette of designs and options to choose from. Speaking on the launch Mr. Subir Palit, Country Head Decorative Division, Greenply Industries said, "With this new range of Decowood Specials, Greenply Industries will yet again enthrall and excite the consumers with some interesting fusions which they would have often imagined but not yet found in the market. And this is because of our https://cheap-replica-tag-heuer-watches.bestwatchreplicas.com/ design team that is always committed to provide a range which meets the global standards and trends. With Decowood Specials, we aim to bring exclusivity at the doorsteps of customers, allowing them to experience the endless possibilities that veneers can offer."

Meta Woods
Made of selected dark woods, Meta Wood veneers have a special technique to give a shimmer like metallic effect. Currently available in three species Wenge, Sucupira and Smoked Oak the range has been treated with a special technology which adds a greyish color to the veneer enhancing its brightness. The perfectionist features of Meta Woods can be utilized in numerous forms like adding traditional metal hinges, knobs and nuts on wooden gates, doors and chests. They can also be used in various pieces of furniture and accessories. They look contemporary with a metallic sheen and are apt for modern interiors.

Rotary Cut

The Rotary Cut range is obtained from peeling of the wood log where each panel looks like a unique piece of art and woody beauty. It is available in varieties of Smoked White Oak, Red Oak, Sapele and Walnut.
Jagged Wood

This premium collection is crafted by using a special blade during the slicing process. In order to enhance the exclusivity, an artificial 'figured/weathered' effect has been added to the wood. It is available in varieties of species like the Smoked White Oak, Sapele and Walnut.
Ridge Cut

Sliced with a special blade, these veneers are specially created for those who love nature. They give your interiors a rough and rustic ambience. Green Decowood specializes in offering a vast range of almost all natural species with this special cut.