Which Trade Portal is leading Indian Wood , Panel & Allied Industries?



Plywood is made by assembling number of veneers in a certain pattern to get uniform in both the direction.

In the process first veneers are coated with synthetic resin and then assembled and this assembled mat is hot pressed to form it into a plywood.

Now a days due to non availability of quality logs major plywood production is made in small factories, these small units are making plywood using mainly plantation wood.

In present days plywood is made by logs such as imported Gurjan, Silver Oak,Eucalyptus, Popular and some other African wood spices.


The Panel is a composite of two layers of aluminium skin sandwiching a thermoplastic core in a continuous co-extrusion process.

These panels are mainly used as exterior wall cladding material for all types of buildings, both new construction and renovations of old buildings.

The advantages of panels are lightweight, extreme rigidity and flatness resulting in an economical options for high quality building facades and interior claddings. weather resistance combined with high acoustics, thermal and fine quoted values.

Panles have become an important material for plywood & glass merchants as the shops are key points to facilitate these materials.