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MDF is substitute to natural wood panels particles in the uses of making carved panels, furniture, front & toys. MDF are suitable to make cabinets and cabinet doors. This product is made by using wood fibers as against wood ships used for processing particle board.

Particle Boards

Particle Board is basically the substitute for Plywood, black board solid wood panels.

Basically Particle Boards is an agro based panel products and is manufactured both in plain and prelaminated quality.

Particle Board is a reconstituted wood panel product. Wood or agro residue is converted in to chips in the process of chipping and milling. This is followed by drying where excess moisture is reduced and uniformally controlled. Dryed chipsare mixed with synthetic resin in the mixing process, thereby forming chips mats of three layer constituency. the Particle mats are pressed and boards are cured in a heated pres thore with a temperature up to 180 degree and then boards are trimmed to desired size and thickness.