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India Plywood - Manufacturers exporters & suppliers of veneer plywood, veneer plywood mill, Face Veneer plywood, Commercial Veneer plywood, Hot Veneers plywood, Recon Veneer, Artificial Veneer, Natural Veneers, Veneer Plywood Board, Making veneer is the most decorative and at the same time most economic way of producing high quality, genuine wood facing materials.
The production of veneer is described briefly below:
Preperation of logs :How the veneer log is used depends upon the following factorswhich have to be assessed in the round log form:
Heart and tension cracking
Visible Faults

Cooking : the next step in the process is the cooking of the flitches. depends upon the species of wood and color demands, cooking periods may vary from one day to one week. A different temperature profile is given for the various species of wood for the respective cooking period.

Slicing : for the actual slicing operation the flitches are planed on one or both sides to ensure that the flltch lies perfectly flat on the slicing bed. Different results are achieved depending upon the machines and slicing method used.

Drying : bIn a modern plant the still moist leaves are dried in the jet drier which also has a flattening effect. Bundles of 24 or 32 sheets each are taken out of the dries to facilitate bandling in the warehouse later on. Venners which are severly buckled have to be pressed again to be of selling quality.